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When the cold season comes creeping in, you need to know your furnace will keep you and your loved ones warm and safe through the fall and winter. When it’s cold outside, and your heater isn’t working, it’s not an issue you can put off for later.

There’s no better choice than Top Flight Heating & Air for emergency furnace repair in Milton, DE. We have been providing Milton’s furnace maintenance services for over ten years, and we continue building more community relationships every day. Our licensed technicians have years of training and experience repairing and installing all types of heating systems.

Around-the-Clock Heating Repair

Winters in Delaware can get extremely cold, and you can’t just sit in a frigid house with your family overnight, waiting to call a repair professional in the morning when your heater stops working. At Top Flight Heating & Air, our HVAC technicians are on call 24 hours a day to fix furnaces, heat pumps, air handlers, and any other part of your system that requires professional attention. When you need us, we get there quickly to get your heat system running again and prevent issues from worsening.

What Is a Furnace Emergency?

Not every heating issue is necessarily an emergency, but if it’s too cold to spend a night without heat, you’ll need a local Milton, DE, HVAC company that can come to the rescue quickly. When it comes to emergency furnace repair in Milton, DE, these are the most severe issues we typically deal with:

The Furnace Isn’t Starting

If you haven’t turned on your furnace or had a professional service it in months, several things could keep it from kicking on. Our technician will diagnose the issue and repair it quickly to get your heating system fully restored. Scheduling a maintenance appointment before the fall will allow us to catch and fix any problems before the furnace can break down.

The Furnace Makes Weird Noises

Without routine maintenance, your furnace may collect debris or suffer corrosion to vital components. If your furnace is making strange sounds, shut it off immediately and call us. Continuing to run the furnace could result in more extensive and expensive problems.

The Furnace Is Emitting a Gas Odor

If you smell gas coming from your furnace or heating system, shut it off quickly and call a professional to inspect it. Gas leaks are dangerous as they can be fire hazards and pose serious health risks to you and your family after prolonged exposure.

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For emergency furnace repair in Milton, DE, trust Top Flight Heating & Air. We are transparent with each of our clients, taking them through the steps and letting them know what we need to do to get their heat running smoothly again. Your safety and comfort will always be our number one concern.

Call us at 302-329-8003, 24 hours a day, for emergency services or to schedule an appointment for HVAC services.

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