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It’s never too early to prepare for the winter by having your furnace serviced. Call Top Flight Heating & Air at (866) 533-HVAC for reliable furnace repair.

Winters in Bethany Beach can be daunting as the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay bring in constant gusts of cold air that keep temperatures relatively low. To stay comfortable during the winter, you rely on warmth from your furnace.

If you haven’t had an HVAC technician check your furnace in a while, it may be time to do so. There’s nothing worse than a furnace breakdown that leaves you and your family shivering in the dead of winter. Though it may be the last thing on your mind until a problem arises, the earlier you seek professional furnace repair, the better.

At Top Flight Heating & Air, we work hard to ensure that your HVAC system is prepared to keep you warm throughout the winter. Our expert technicians offer reliable furnace repair to maximize your comfort and minimize distractions. As the #1 furnace repair company in Bethany Beach, DE, we’re confident that our furnace services will exceed your expectations.

Signs That You Need Heater Repair

If you’re unsure whether or not your heater needs repairs, several signs can tell you. For those with a central air conditioning system, your heater likely continues to run in the summer. If you don’t have a central AC unit and you’ve turned off your heater, it’s helpful to turn it back on and do a quick check for the following indicators.

Your Heater Doesn’t Turn On

First and foremost, your heater should be able to turn on. If it doesn’t, there may be issues with the electrical parts or the wiring. Whatever the problem is, it likely requires professional heater repair.

Heating Problems

Often, a furnace that needs repair will struggle to heat your home evenly. When this happens, you’ll feel warm and cold pockets throughout your home, often in separate rooms. One culprit of uneven heating is leaky ductwork within your furnace, which our experts can fix.

Odd Sounds and Smells

Furnaces usually make some type of noise when they start up. However, if these sounds become hissing, rattling, or whining, your furnace is likely struggling to operate and needing repair. Strange smells coming from your heater usually indicate a more significant issue. An odd odor could point to mold or another problem within your heating system that makes the air unhealthy to breathe. If it smells closer to sulfur or rotten eggs, you may have a gas leak and should immediately evacuate your home and call for service.

Your Heater Constantly Turns On and Off

If, when your turn your heater on, it keeps switching off and on, it could be an issue with the wiring or thermostat. Call for heater servicing to identify and resolve the issue.

Weak or Cold Airflow

If the air your heater produces is too weak or cold to warm your house effectively, the heater requires repair. Inadequate and cold airflow often point to an issue with one or more of your heater’s components, such as the blower motor.

Unusually High Energy Bills

A spike in your energy bills typically means that your HVAC system needs repair. When your heater isn’t functioning correctly, it begins to work harder to try to warm your house. That extra labor uses more energy than usual and shows up on your bills.

Repairing your heating system keeps it running smoothly and efficiently. When it’s not overworked, your heater becomes more efficient in its energy usage and cuts down on your energy bills.

Other Common Furnace Issues

As HVAC experts, our team of technicians at Top Flight Heating & Air has seen just about every kind of furnace issue. We also know how to fix these problems so that you stay comfortable year-round. Call us right away for quick and reliable service if you see any of the following furnace issues:

  • The pilot light won’t turn on
  • The furnace burners don’t stay lit
  • Your furnace and thermostat don’t seem to be cooperating, causing your furnace to turn on or shut off at random 
  • There’s dirt and debris within your flue pipe or exhaust vent

Preventative Furnace Maintenance

There’s no reason to put off furnace repair. Waiting until the winter to fix your heating issues increases the likelihood of a breakdown. Preventative furnace maintenance is a cheaper and more efficient solution to ensuring your comfort during the cold season and preventing all of the aforementioned issues.

With regularly scheduled tune-ups from a reliable HVAC company like Top Flight Heating & Air, your heating system will be less likely to experience severe damage. Our heater maintenance will save you from needing costly repairs and being uncertain about your heat and air quality.

During service visits, our technicians will check and tune up all of your furnace’s components, wiring, and electrical parts to ensure they’re operating at peak performance. We’ll test that your airflow is strong and at the right temperature. Our experts will also do an air quality test to ensure the air you breathe is safe.

Emergency Furnace Repair

In the case of a breakdown or any other heating emergency, you need a reliable furnace repair company to fix the problem as soon as possible. Here at Top Flight Heating & Air, we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We service every tpe of furnace, including:

  • Gas furnaces
  • Oil furnaces
  • Electric furnaces
  • Propane furnaces

Heater Repair Near Me

For residents of Bethany Beach, Delaware, Top Flight Heating & Air is your trusted heater repair company. We’ve proudly served the area for over ten years and have the expertise to fix all your heater problems.
To schedule preventative maintenance or heater servicing, call (866) 533-HVAC. For emergency repair services, call (302) 329-8003.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Heating Repair

Your furnace filter is essential for maintaining high air quality and extending your heater’s lifespan. Air filters prevent dirt, debris, and harmful air particles from flowing through your heating system and into the air you breathe. Your filter also keeps your furnace clean and allows it to function at a higher capacity for longer.
It’s best to replace your furnace filter at least every three months. You should find a recommended air filter thickness in the owner’s manual that came with your HVAC system.

While you only need to call for heater repair service when you notice a furnace issue, scheduling preventative maintenance is the best option. We recommend scheduling HVAC maintenance at least once annually, though twice a year will produce better results. Regular tune-ups will help your furnace function correctly and extend its lifespan.

If your heating system seems to be working correctly and energy rates haven’t risen, yet you still are seeing high energy bills, there are a couple of explanations. First, it could be due to a freezing winter. If significantly low temperatures are the case, there’s not much you can do, as your heating system has to work harder to keep you warm.
If the winter is producing typical temperatures, then there could be an issue with your outdoor unit. When your outdoor unit malfunctions, backup electric heaters run more often to maintain a comfortable temperature. Give Topflight Heating & Air a call, and an HVAC technician will assess the problem.

If you smell gas while inside your home, you and your family should immediately evacuate and get a safe distance away. Gas leaks are hazardous and could result in a lethal explosion. Once you’re a safe distance away, contact your local gas utility and the fire department.

While there are some things you can do to better maintain your heater, such as regularly replacing the furnace filter and being aware of any signs of damage, we do not recommend attempting furnace repair. Heaters have many wires and components, and operating on them requires professional knowledge and experience. Always call for professional furnace repair when you notice a heating issue.

Reliable Furnace Repair Company in Bethany Beach, DE

Top Flight Heating & Air has proudly served the Bethany Beach, DE, community as its trusted furnace repair company for over ten years. It’s our mission to bring you year-round comfort, and we’ll treat you like family while doing so. No matter the weather, your home should always be your comfort space.

The frigid winter months will be here before you know it. Why wait until then to know if your furnace is ready to keep you warm? At Top Flight Heating & Air, we offer reliable and efficient furnace repair to make your home cozy during the most bitter-cold days.

Trust Top Flight Heating & Air for all of your heating needs. We’ve got you covered, from routine tune-ups and HVAC repair to complete furnace installation. Call Top Flight Heating & Air at (866) 533-HVAC to learn more about your heating system and schedule a service visit.

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