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Heat Pump Installation

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No one likes to spend more than they need to, especially when there’s a cheaper, more fitting alternative. At Top Flight Heating & Air, our customers constantly ask for an AC or furnace replacement that’s just as efficient but less energy-consuming. Our answer to this is usually a heat pump.

Heat pump installation in Milton, DE, is a fast and effective heating and cooling solution for year-round comfort. It’s a resident favorite in mild temperature zones that has a leg up on other units with similar functions.

How Is a Heat Pump Different From Other Units?

Heat pump systems supply warm air, similar to furnaces or other household heaters. However, a furnace burns natural gas or propane within the burner before passing it to the heat exchanger. Unlike a heat exchanger that heats the air, creating your desired temperature, heat pumps separate existing air.

Likewise, an AC unit produces cool air by taking surrounding air and passing it over the evaporator coil. The refrigerant temperatures rise, lowering the air temperature before releasing it indoors. When set to cool, heat pumps do not cool the air but extract indoor heat, making them low-cost systems.

Why Choose a Heat Pump in Milton?

A heat pump works by shuffling heat into or out of your home rather than using extra energy to generate a given temperature. Therefore, they’re easier on utility bills.

Running a heat pump costs two times less than an air conditioning unit and up to 2.5 times less than a furnace. Household residents typically have a furnace and one or more ACs. A two-in-one heat pump replaces both systems for a dramatically cheaper cost year-round.

However, lower utility bills aren’t the only heat pump pros.

High-Efficiency in Moderate Climates

Unlike in areas with drastic temps, heat pumps thrive in the moderate Milton climate. Heat pumps scour out cool air from summer temps that span from the high 60s to the high 80s. During the 50-degree winter highs, it also effortlessly finds and pulls in warm outdoor air. They also provide uniform heating and cooling, diminishing cold and hot spots. Don’t worry about uncomfortable corners or off-temperature rooms that cause your system to work harder to produce your desired indoor climate.


If you consider a heat pump installation, you’re looking at fewer replacements down the road. Heat pumps last 15 or more years, while furnaces and AC units last 15 years at best.

They also require fewer repairs, but maintenance is key to a healthy system that’ll last far beyond its lifespan. Depending on how often you use your unit, annual to semi-annual checkups keep minor concerns from worsening into more significant repairs and replacements.

Other Benefits

  • Two-in-one heating and cooling system for versatility and space-saving
  • Reduces your carbon footprint since it doesn’t use gas or oil
  • Safer than high-voltage electric furnaces or gas furnaces that may leak


What Are the Types of Heat Pumps to Install?

If you decide on a heat pump installation, there are three different kinds from which to choose.

  • Air-sourced heat pumps use air as their primary source of power. It separates warm and cold outdoor air as it passes by the refrigerant. The reversing valve either sends the warm air indoor or outdoor depending on its warm or cool setting.
  • Water-source heat pumps use surrounding bodies of water, like lakes, rivers, and wells, to heat and cool your home. As water passes through the water-pipe system, the heat pump extracts or rejects heat from the water.
  • Geothermal heat pumps use consistent underground thermal energy as a natural heating or cooling source.

Heat Pump Installation Cost for Milton, DE Residents

While heat pumps are cheaper in the long run, they typically have a higher up-front cost. The average heat pump installation and new unit costs around $7,000; however, that price varies depending on your unit type.

For instance, geothermal heat pumps are most costly than air and water-sourced heat pumps. A qualified technician will dig a hole four feet down and lay pipes connecting back to your pump, so it’ll reach thermal energy. Heavy land excavation costs may raise this heat pump installation cost to over $20,000.

A heat pump air handler in different zones or rooms of your home also adds up. It costs the average Milton resident up to $10,000 for four units.

Heat Pump Installers Near Me

For a heat pump installation, our NATE-certified technicians have experience working with units of all ages, makes, and models. For over 10 years, we’ve provided five-star customer service and a one-year guarantee on all products and services.

Count on us when you need “heat pump installers near me.” We’ll provide a free estimate when you call Top Flight Heating & Air in Milton, DE, at (866) 533-HVAC today!

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