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Furnace Maintenance

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Ensuring your heating and cooling system remains optimal is vital during Delaware’s chilly winters. However, maintaining your heater isn’t always easy. Hundreds of Milton, DE, residents turn to Top Flight Heating & Air for professional heating maintenance and associated services.

Top Flight Heating & Air is your one-stop shop for all your heater maintenance needs. Our team will help you get the most out of your heating and cooling system to stay warm and comfortable throughout the winter. We’ve been assisting Milton residents by installing, maintaining, and repairing their heaters for over a decade, giving us the experience we need to handle any heating maintenance project you throw our way.

Heating Maintenance Near Me

Like a car, your heating system requires regular maintenance to function optimally. Unmaintained heaters often sustain extensive wear and tear, leading to diminished efficiency, shorter lifespans, higher electric bills, short cycling, and more.

Heater preventative maintenance from Top Flight Heating & Air keeps your heater pristine while hindering potential issues from arising. Our team uses an efficient maintenance process that ensures your heating and cooling system operates at peak performance regardless of the temperature outside. Our maintenance process includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Air filter replacement
  • Operating control testing
  • Combustion leak checks
  • Blower motor and belt assessment
  • Thermostat cleaning and adjustment
  • Pilot assembly cleaning and adjustment
  • Gas leak testing
  • Humidifier assessment
  • Draft diverter and fuel pipe evaluation
  • Wire testing
  • Heat exchanger inspection
  • Burner cleaning
  • Fan, bearing, circulator, and motor lubrication

Our heating maintenance process will have your heater working better than ever, ensuring your home stays warm during the coldest winter nights.

Benefits of Professional Furnace and Heater Maintenance

Professional heating and furnace maintenance provide numerous benefits, ranging from increased efficiency to lower energy bills. Below are just a few benefits you’ll enjoy from our maintenance services.

Fewer Repairs

Heaters seem to break down at the worst possible times. However, routine heating maintenance can prevent repairs by up to 70%, saving you hundreds of dollars over time. Tune-ups allow us to catch potential issues before they develop, keeping your heater in immaculate condition year-round.

Increased Efficiency

Most heating and cooling systems last for 15 years on average. However, routine heating maintenance can increase a heater’s longevity by five to ten years. We will help you maximize your unit’s lifespan, so you won’t have to worry about a replacement for the foreseeable future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Often Should I Schedule Heater Maintenance?

Running a heater throughout the winter can take a toll on even the most robust unit, diminishing its efficiency and leaving it prone to costly repairs. We recommend scheduling a professional maintenance service at least once a year. Yearly maintenance gives your heater a much-needed tune-up that prevents potential issues before they affect your heating and cooling system.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Maintain My Heater?

Yes. Regularly changing the air filter is essential to your heater’s performance, lifespan, and overall well-being. It’s best to check the air filter at least once a month to ensure everything is up to par. If it looks dirty, replace it with a new filter.
Keeping the area surrounding your heating and cooling system clean can also increase its performance. Always keep dust and debris away from your furnace and outdoor unit to prevent restricted air flow and maintain optimal performance.

When Should I Hire a Professional To Maintain My Heater?

It’s best to hire a heating maintenance service during the fall. If something is wrong with your heater, an experienced maintenance specialist will fix the issue before it gets out of hand and impacts your interior comfort. Maintaining your heater during the fall ensures your unit functions optimally before the first winter storm.

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