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In a usually humid climate, dry winter air can wreak havoc on your body. From dry skin and sore throats to nosebleeds and dehydration, your health can suffer due to low humidity saturation.

In such cases, we recommend installing a humidifier. If you already have one, it may need repairs.

Top Flight Heating & Air technicians specialize in all things HVAC, gaining five-star ratings for AC repair in Milton, DE. Our technicians provide 24/7 service with a satisfaction guarantee. You can rely on us to improve your indoor air quality with quality humidifier repairs and installations.

The Benefits of a Humidifier

Humidifiers regulate the humidity level in your home. They can create a comfortable internal environment, especially in dry climates or seasons. Portable humidifiers can manage specific rooms, while a whole-house humidifier ensures the entire property receives moist air.

An air conditioner usually removes humidity, but you need more moisture in hot and dry weather conditions. Humidifiers improve your health and comfort by providing these benefits:

  • Increased indoor air quality
  • Increased comfort
  • Decreased infection risks
  • Allergy relief
  • Respiration relief
  • Reducing dry skin and cracked lips
  • Reducing headaches and colds
  • Reducing the chance of nosebleeds
  • Preventing your airways and throat from drying out

Be sure to keep up with occasional maintenance and regular inspections to keep your humidifier in top shape. Call Top Flight Heating & Air if you need a new humidifier installation!

Regardless of the humidifier type you need or have, our technicians can complete a humidifier repair and installation in Milton, DE.

Reasons You May Want Humidifier Repairs

Your current humidifier may require repairs if you’re not noticing any benefits from using it. We recommend having a qualified HVAC specialist evaluate your system every six months to prevent humidifier issues from developing.

You can address some of the following issues when doing maintenance, but you may require professional assistance.

Failure to Produce Mist

Several humidifiers exist, including warm or cool mist, ultrasonic, and evaporative or wick systems. Every kind of humidifier needs access to water. Without that access, there is no way for it to produce moisture to serve your household.

Many systems have a container with water and a connection to a water line. If the water level in the container is too low, the humidifier can turn on, but it will not produce anything. A faulty water line connection will not allow the humidifier to function.

Lastly, warm, steam, and ultrasonic humidifiers often experience clogging issues in areas with hard water. Sediment can build up in internal lines, the heating element, or the container, preventing function.

Leaky Residuals

Water line misconnections or damaged tubing can cause leaks in or around the humidifier. With portable systems, you can test for leaks by moving them and checking for puddles of water. High water pressure or valve blockages can also cause cracks or bursts inside the system.

This issue can develop into more severe household problems since water can leak into floors or walls. When you notice any leaks, turn off the humidifier. Any connection between water and electricity can harm your health.

Noisy or Smelly Humidifiers

Most humidifiers will barely make a sound and should not give off bad smells. A specialist should check over the systems causing these issues rather than allowing them to be inactive.

For example, mold, fungi, and bacteria love dark, damp spaces. Without regular maintenance, humidifiers can become breeding grounds for harmful allergens. Breathing in these contaminants can trigger health issues that can become more severe with time.

These allergens often cause bad smells, and their growth can clog the internal system. A noisy humidifier could indicate that the fan does not have enough lubrication. When paired with a foul smell, a loud humidifier could indicate allergen growth.

Call Us to Assist with Your Humidifier Needs

A humidifier can vastly improve quality of life in dry climates and conditions. With consistent care from maintenance and an occasional check from a specialist, you can experience the many benefits of humidifier use.

Top Flight Heating & Air technicians have the best processes for completing a humidifier repair and installation in Milton, DE. Our top-notch air conditioner maintenance services include 24/7 availability and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our installs. When you install with us, you can rely on us for guaranteed repairs for an entire year.

Call us at (302) 548-3310 for a free quote today!

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